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Skills Development Program

This program is a great add-on to our Preparation Year or a stand-alone program and gives young people the opportunity to get work experience in a safe environment while expanding their skillset and emotional intelligence.

This Skills Development Program is a one-year commitment that aims to expand the knowledge and competencies of students improving their prospects of work and employment.

This year is about gaining practical work experience and personal development while holding a part-time job and/or part-time studies and being involved in various internships as well.

The Skills Development students are involved in internship programs that provide them with much-needed work experience to add to their CV and help them get permanent employment.

Learning Life Skills such as emotional intelligence, time management, productivity, language, communication, and much more, and then having to implement these skills in daily activities in the work environment. Students will also be learning hands-on Work Skills such as marketing, various software packages, customer service, and more, which will be beneficial to them in future careers as their skillset improves.



  • Just Africa Scuba

    - Customer Service
    - Retail Experience
    - Marketing
    - Social Media Management
    - Travel & Tourism
  • Just Africa Life Skills

    - Adventure Camps
    - Teambuilding Events
    - Events
    - Business Management
    - Marketing
    - People Management
    - Writing articles
    - Presentations



  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Language & Communication
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership
  • Personal image & neatness
  • Appropriate conduct in the workplace
  • Finding your passion


  • Computer Literacy
  • Accounting Program
  • Marketing
  • Social Media & Online Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Photography
  • Administration


Students will do conservation and volunteer work with the following organizations:


 work experience  learn life skills  work skills  mentoring
 You will gain valuable work experience doing a variety of jobs with internships and part-time jobs.  Learn life skills for your personal development, which will put you ahead of other job applicants.   Learn hands-on work skills to ensure your development and add to your skill set.  You will be learning and growing within a mentoring relationship. 


  • You must be between the ages of 18 - 22 years old
  • Matric Certificate
  • Drivers license
  • Cell phone in good working order

Contact us for more information or to arrange a meet & greet. In-person or via Zoom.

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Is this Prep Year for you?

Is this Prep Year for you?

Not sure what you should do after matriculating? Or, do you want to take some time to invest in yourself before entering university or work life? Are you interested in personal growth and understanding yourself better? Do you like challenging yourself, learning and experiencing new things? If your answer is yes, then this preparation year is for you.

Prep Year Courses

Not ready to commit to a full Preparation Year?

Not ready to commit to a full Preparation Year?

No problem, enroll for a Half Prep Year! Same benefits, just less time.

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What to expect from the Preparation Programs

You will be exposed to many kinds of job experience with internships and volunteer work.
You will learn how to apply the life skills you’ve gained with fellow students and within the various activities.
You will gain exposure to a diverse range of career options, broadening your perspective and introducing you to new professional possibilities.
You will engage in a dynamic learning and developmental experience within a mentorship relationship.
The Prep Year is a one-year commitment divided into 4 terms.
The Half Prep Year is a 6-month commitment divided into 2 terms.
The preparation programs are full-time commitments. Terms will be the same as the school terms for the Western Cape.
Every term will be a new challenge with new courses that will be introduced. You will have assignments to do and books to read.
The Tours are vital to the success of the prep year. Each year is unique, some of the tours we offer are the Africa Tour, Shark & Dive Tour, SA Coast to Coat as well as international destinations.

Prep Year Internships

Gain work experience with various internships during your preparation year.

Prep year students will take part in our various internships, gaining valuable work experience.
Just Africa Life Skills Adventure Camps
Prep Year and Internship Partners
Walking distance from a shopping centre, laundromat, take-away restaurants and more.

• Secure complex
• Water & Electricity
• Access to beach
• Wifi

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Prep Year
What is the difference between a GAP Year and a PREPARATION Year?
When people hear GAP year, they usually conclude that you are taking a year off. A Preparation Year in contrast to this is a program designed to prepare students for their first year of higher education or finding a job.
Who should join this Prep Year?
This Preparation Year is for young people that are not sure what they want to do after matriculating as well as for those who want to gain experience doing various courses, tours, and volunteer work.
What work experience will I be exposed to?
You will get exposure and/or experience in the following areas: Marketing, retail, tourism, facilitating adventure activities, customer service, facilitating classes, working with children, managing people, marketing, etc...
Am I ready for a Prep Year?
The year will be what you make of it. We give as much as possible to each student, to give them the most opportunities to grow and learn, the rest is up to each student whether they seize these opportunities or not.

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